How I started?

I must have been about 7 or 8 years old living on my island, I was walked past a bar that my bro and cousin would spin at and remember thinking I want to do that someday. Obviously, I was not old enough to do it and also coming from a humble family of local farmers, we were way too poor to afford decks. My Dad drove a school bus and my mum worked as a farmer, we had enough to get by and I never really wanted for anything but at the time if I had requested decks they would have probably laughed and said having an education was the only thing they wanted me to be doing.

Fast forward 10 years, I’m 19 living in London, working part-time and I can finally afford to get myself some decks, I’m also no longer living under the fear of pleasing my parents, I am a teenage rebel. I went out and got my first pair of decks some 1210’s form techinc’s, gassed of course to say the least I was finally ready to do my thing. From that moment onwards all of my money and thoughts went into it, I locked myself away from the world and learned the basics. Back then, I had no YouTube tutorials to help me so it was just hours of figuring it out. Then finally the first gig came along I remember being so happy to have landed it.

My girlfriend at the time was going through a tough time and needed to talk, but my focus was all on this gig, I needed to be ready. And that’s been the case ever since, nothing comes in-between me and the decks. The passion I have for being up on that stage and taking people on a journey is second to none. Then my little boy came and with that new level of love hit me. All of a sudden, it didn’t seem as important; I put dj’ing to the back of my mind and lost a couple of years.

But it wouldn’t go away it kept on knocking at the door, every time I went out I would think I am better than this guy, I would do things so different, till eventually I found myself back where I wanted to be behind the decks. Technology had moved on since I started, with a mixer and turntables, carrying record bags through clubs, straining my back in the process but it was all part of being a dj back then. Suddenly I was faced with an mp3, CD players, I needed to adjust and fast. So I bought a new mixer and some cdj’s and began the process all over again. Once I figured out how to use the new equipment the dj software era began and I now needed to learn once again but this time it allowed me to use turntables. Scratch live from Serato was the game changer and I’ve been using it ever since to bring my passion to dance-floors across the country.